Hey Guys!
Here it is - I present to you the website that will guide you and me through the world of International Studies!
I hope to give some travel tips & some career tips that I have learnt over time, so while I learn and get the best juiciest tips - you'll pick them up with me! Feel free to gimmie some info (or pay me muhahahaha) !!
There is also a link to my blog too but any real deal info I'll post it here! 
Why am I bothering with this site? Because DAMMNIT there is like NOTHING out there on the web that is 100% relevant to me. I mean, where are all the other International Students out there who are studying my course? As I was making my blog I tried all sorts of web names and found all the good ones taken, but when I took at the blogs they were so crap or with one entry I just found most of them USELESS! So here I am, making it on my OWN!
Just click on the tabs to enter the various areas of the site! I'll try to update this frequently!!